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For the person who wants more energy - who wants to feel good and healthy in their body again.

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For the person who’s looking to lose weight, decrease joint pain, and/or heal a chronic health imbalance.

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For the person who finds themselves turning to food to deal with their emotions and distress.

You’ve come to the right place.

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If you’re struggling with your health right now,
I want you to know that you’re not alone.


In today’s day and age, it can be a huge challenge to feel healthy and to know what’s right for you. 


Chances are, this isn’t the first place you’ve looked to for help.

You’ve likely tried a variety of solutions - exploring both the allopathic route and alternative therapies.

But the pain, the weight, the discomfort, and other chronic symptoms, just won’t go away. Or they go away for a short time, only to come back (sometimes even worse). 


It can feel as though your body is failing you. 

That you are older than your years.


And I feel your struggle.

I feel your pain.


No matter what you do, no matter what you try,
nothing seems to give you the relief  that you’re searching for.

You may have even started to doubt whether what you want is even possible for you.

But as a person who has stood - frustrated - where you stand today…


Feeling better IS possible.

But it takes a completely comprehensive and individualized approach.

The current model is often single-minded. Focusing just on the mind, just on the energy, just on the body (or a single part of the body).

The Gift of Healing brings all parts of you together - approaching your wellbeing from a holistic lens to address the physical AND emotional imbalances.

In this 4 month program, we take an integrative, individualized approach to help you on your healing journey.

I want to make it clear that I am not your healer. 


The gift of healing is already inside you.

Let me be your guide to show you how.


With great compassion and love, we’ll create a safe and loving space of support to get to the root of what’s standing in your way.


Together, we’ll embark on a journey to reset your health, address your concerns,
and bring more balance to your soul, mind, and body.

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  • Shedding the physical AND emotional weight that has kept you feeling stuck.


  • Reclaiming brighter health and vitality.


  • Transforming your relationship with food - identifying the specific foods that help and hinder your body.


  • Feeling empowered with a unique and comprehensive nutritional plan that you can use for years to come.


  • Healing the chronic pains, mystery symptoms, and stresses that have impaired your health and wellbeing.


  • Releasing the emotional struggles and stories that have kept you stuck in the same loop for years.


  • ...and more!

6 x 45 min. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) sessions


You’ll receive 6 x 45 minute EFT healing sessions specifically customized for you. During these sessions, we’ll explore what you’re presently challenged with (ex. an emotional relationship to food, cravings, feelings of overwhelm, etc.). Our goal during these sessions is to calm your nervous system, explore the root of your physical and emotional issues, and restore a profound sense of calm and clarity. 


Tao Healing Hands Blessings

You’ll receive Tao Healing Hands blessings, as appropriate, each time we connect for a session. There are 12 opportunities to receive a customized blessing to clear any blockages or challenges you are currently facing with your health, relationships, finances, and more.


PLUS… Accountability Support

You are never alone as you navigate this wellness journey! You’ll receive weekly accountability support throughout this program where we will checkin to review your progress. You will have direct access to me during your program. We will be in daily communication during the first few weeks of starting the Metabolic Balance Program. I really want you to know you are supported with taking on these changes. If emotions arise, if challenges come up, if you want to celebrate a win, I’m here. It is my honour to hold your hand through this program.

We are in this together!

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1 x 60 min. Thorough Intake Session

Inside this intake session, we’ll spend time getting to know you, your story, your lifestyle, and your desires. This is a comprehensive intake that will help inform how your unique program unfolds. Together, we’ll discuss your goals and intentions for this program, so we can create a powerful plan of action.


Metabolic Balance® Blood Work

Next, it’s time for blood work! Through this panel, we’ll be able to get an understanding of your body’s unique nutritional needs. This is a big piece of the work we’re doing together!


1 x Individualized Meal Plan

You’ll receive a unique, custom, individualized meal plan and nutritional protocol based on your intake session and blood results. This meal plan will serve as the physical foundation for our work together over these next four months!


1 x 60 min. Core Clearing Session 

During this 1 hour Core Clearing Session, you will clear, release, and reprogram your subconscious energies at the deepest level of your being.

This is a powerful healing modality.


5 Hours of Coaching Support

You’ll receive 5 hours of specific nutritional counselling and support throughout the 4 phases of the Metabolic Balance program. These are spread out throughout the program and tailored to the Metabolic Balance phase that you are in. We will use these sessions to guide you through the program, review your progress and share information on what’s to come as you transition through the 4 phases, and to ask any questions.


$1,555 CAD + tax


3 x $555 CAD + tax

Meet Valerie transparent_edited.png

Valerie Smith is a Certified Metabolic Balance Coach, a Holistic Nutritionist, a Thai Massage Practitioner, a Tao Healing Hands Practitioner, an Emotional Freedom and Core Clearing Practitioner, a published author, and is currently finishing her 4th and final year to become a Manual Osteopath.


Valerie believes that she is not the one who heals her clients. But rather, it is her clients who heal themselves. Valerie acts as the guide that shows others how they can tap into their own inherent healing potential - using her many healing modalities and trainings to assist her clients in removing what blocks them from their ideal health.


Through her foundational program, The Gift of Healing, Valerie creates a loving and safe healing space where she can powerfully support her clients with their personal healing journey. Drawing from her many years of holistic health science training, her own personal journey and her many modalities, The Gift of Healing is an entirely unique program that is catered to the individual inside of it. No two programs, or sessions, are ever alike.

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